Wedding Woes

Two over-sharing-STT-related things...

1.  DH and I achieved a new level of intimacy last night when he helped me with some landscaping that was sorely needed but I was lacking the capcity to do myself as I can no longer see anything but my belly.  He did a better job than I could pre-pregnancy. 

2.  It is hard to concentrate on BCBC when there's an active baby kicking you the whole time.

Re: Two over-sharing-STT-related things...

  • 1. My H did the same thing when I was pg. He kept complaining, so I told him to have at it, but my little T-Rex arms were not reaching that far. 
  • DH didn't complain for a second.  He was actually very meticulous about it all. 
  • In the spirit, DH always does my landscaping.  It has led to intimate and also funny moments.  I find it quite convenient actually.  :)
  • H has been asked to help me shave my legs and clean up the garden. He's done both, though with the legs he acted like I was asking him to groom me like a chimp. He's since stopped complaining now that he controls the leg smoothness.
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