AW/Help!! Second fitting and veils

Hey girls,  I don't post a lot but I need some opinions!  I had my second fitting with Nilah on Wednesday (who is awesome!!) and she's making me a veil.Only problem, is I can't pick a style!  The veils I like are long (grace kelly)  and shorter (waterfall).  Both would have a medium width ribbon, just need help with deciding on a shape.There is a side picture showing a similar waterfall veil with the width of ribbon I like in the mix.Thanks for helping at a lurker!Here is a link to pictures: it's not clicky, and the site is lame.  I'm not so tech savvy :-/

Re: AW/Help!! Second fitting and veils

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    I like the Long (Grace Kelly) veil! Good Luck.
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    DEFINITELY the long (grace kelly) one - it is so elegant and really enhances your dress - like they are made for each other!  the shorter one detracts from the dress and from how you look in the dress!  HTH.
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    I third the Grace Kelly.  Nilah made my Grace Kelly style veil, and I loved it.  Good luck!
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