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Thanks for the clothing offer.  I'm 5'6" so that might be an issue.  I picked up one cheap pair at Target but I'm not much of a fan.  I have some Kohl's cash and do okay with their clothes so I'm going to try there.  I'm okay with a couple of ok pairs and 1 good pair. 

I've also been scoping Goodwill.  I found a corduroy skirt for $3.  Sadly most of the maternity stuff is small.

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    Oh!   I should have mentioned this before!   Have you heard of Clothes Mentor?  It's run by the same company as Once Upon a Child but it's women's clothes.   The one on State St (Rte 3/Westerville Rd) has a huge selection of maternity clothes, including jeans.  I love that place.
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    Oooooooh I have NOT heard of that!  Thank you I may have to hit that soon.  I have tops to make it through, but no way will capris make it to Dec.
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    If you come over to Clothes Mentor you should meet me for lunch/dinner/caffeine or alcohol free beverages.  It's right by my office.

    ALSO, I went to Meijer this weekend and bought some of that Snickerdoodle ice cream.  YUM!   Thanks for the recommendation. My only complaint is that there should be more cookies pieces in it.  It's disappointing to take a bite and it doesn't have cookie. 
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