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Help! Stuck between 2 venues!

So I have viewed 2 venues so far and I love both of them. They both have thier pros and cons. The wedding will be in March or April. Venue 1 is a lodge and is very fiances and my style. But has slightly less room, although it's enough for the 150 guests we will be having. It has a gorgeous view of the mountains and is right on the river, so beautiful for taking pictures. Ceremony and reception would take place inside so rain is not an issue. Venue 2 is a garden, so it has many beautiful locations for taking pictures. It  is slightly cheaper (only $2000). The ceremony site is close to the freeway so there is some traffic noise. The ceremony will be in the garden so if it rains we have to squish under a tent.  My mom likes venue 2 more, but we are paying for the majority of the wedding. Im leaning more towards venue 1 but can't seems to come to a diffinative descision. Any suggestions on how to decide? How did you narrow down your options?
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