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Flip flops for dancers??

I was thinking of putting a basket of flip flops out for the women who want to kick off thier shoes, but I have no clue how many to buy. I have around 200 guests, so about 100 women, do you think 60 is good? I want people to take them, but I don't want flips flops in baskets strew all over my reception :) I was actually thinking of just putting them in the bathroom. Any thought or ideas for me on this?


Re: Flip flops for dancers??

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    I was at a girl's wedding a couple of years ago.  Someone dropped their drink on the dance floor.  The glass broke and the bride cut her foot so deep she had to go to the hospital and missed the last half of her reception.  I'm planning on heals at the ceremony and my running shoes at the reception.  No one will be able to see my feet under my dress.  I want to dance all night and be comfortable!
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    Flip flops are incredibly difficult to dance in. Anyone who takes off their shoes (men will not do this) will dance barefoot.
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    IMO, as an adult I am responsible for my own footwear.  I get being a gracious host, but really?  Why do you have to provide for my attire?  If people want to switch into flat shoes for dancing, they can bring their own. 

    FWIW:  I would never wear a pair of cheap flip-flops, and I wear flip-flops 3 seasons of the year.  But I can't wear the $2 kind you'd probably be purchasing.

    I think it's an unnecessary expense and one less thing that you need to go out and buy, haul to a reception venue, and then haul left-overs home.

    I'd skip it.
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    I think it really depends on your crowd.  For a young, casual crowd that is not used to formal attire or formal events, it might go over pretty well.

    If you have a lot of middle aged or older guests, not so much. 

    Keep in mind that I am not a bride, I was a MOB, and I am middle aged, and old school.  I detest seeing flip flops with formal attire, and have little patience for people that complain about and can't manage to stay dressed apropriately for a few hours. 

    If you can go clubbing all night in stiletto or platform heels, sit through tattoos and piercings, you can manage to wear some appropriate dress shoes, formal dress, or suit at a formal event for a few hours.

    Besides, I need to wear hose, which don't go with flip flops.  Yet I can usually manage to find some shoes that are dressy but tolerable enough to wear for a few hours.  And I've been there, done that enough times to know to bring a change of shoes that are a little more sensible, if needed. 
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    Flip Flops? Just don't do it... tacky!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Flip flops for dancers??</a>:
    [QUOTE]Flip Flops? Just don't do it... tacky!
    Posted by LisaTyler1984[/QUOTE]

    <div>Oh please, it's not tacky.</div>
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    At our wedding, we were concerned that women who wore hose would not be able to use flip flops.  We therefore had a mixture of flip flops and Chinese cotton Mary Janes.  The Mary Janes were definitely more popular with our guests.
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    I have also thought about doing this.  My ceremony will be on the beach (at the venue) and then we will go inside to a formal reception.  I didn't know if women would put them on being that it is formal.  On the other hand, after drinking all night they may not care and just put flip flops on and I agree with the person above who said they might dance barefoot but wear them home instead of putting their shoes back on.  I know I have been to quite a few weddings were I wish I had my flip flops to go home in.  In response to the MOB; my mother is also "old school" but when it comes to comfort it all goes out the window.  She has a pair of flip flops specifically for weddings, to change into.  I don't know still deciding, put glad you posted, it was nice to see what others who have done this thought of the outcome.
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    I think it is a great idea, who cares about being tacky, ppl dance really tacky and it's fun (it always happens at weddings)!!! And hey barefoot is probably tacky too then! I say go for it!

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