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First Dance or Flop?

We've been going back and forth between first dance songs for over a year now and haven't put much mind to it, but the wedding is now just 3 weeks away. From the start, I always thought we'd go more traditional for our first dance with something the likes of Frank Sinatra. He didn't mind whatever song I chose, but I want him to at least like it. 

A few months ago when I met with our planner we discussed the ceremony and I'm having one of my bridesmaids do a reading by E. E. Cummings which you may be familiar with, "i carry your heart." One of my favorite songs, is by Bloc Party called "Ion Sqaure", which was inspired by the poem itself. Our planner loved the song and suggested we do that for our first dance, but I dismissed it at the time because I thought it wasn't exactly the type of song one would typically dance to. But recently we've been thinking about it more and more and my fiance likes the song and he has no problem using that song. I'm just worried that we're going to end up hopping around the dance floor like lunatics the way we have when we've tried practicing around the house. Embarassed

I'm just curious as to anyone's opinion on the matter. Personally, I would love to do that song not only because it's one of my favorites, but because it ties in with the ceremony reading. Thank you all in advance for your input Smile

Re: First Dance or Flop?

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    Talk it over with your husband and listen to it a bunch of times. 
     If you both like it, go for it.
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