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Reception seating for toddlers and infants

Two of our guests are parents to a little girl who is a young toddler and an infant who will be 2 months at the time of the wedding. Should I provide 2 seats for the children or just one? I imagine they will be held by their parents most of the time, but I'm not sure how much room they'll need for a carrier and other accessories. I want to be as accommodating as possible, but I'm just not sure how to arrange this seating.


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Re: Reception seating for toddlers and infants

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    First of all, check with your venue to see what they have. But yes, I would make arrangements for a high chair, and one of those things that can hold a baby carrier!

    Just 'cause they CAN sit in someone's lap, doesn't mean everyone wants that all the time! Give them the option :)
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    Count them each for a seat.  Even if they're being held, the seat can hold diaper bags and other essentials.

    ETA: the chair can be switched for a high chair if needed
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    Ditto PPs, and if possible, seat the parents near the end of a table if they are square, so it is easier for them to get up and down if they need to. 

    I agree with the high chair - it is a pain to hold a squirmy kid and try to eat at the same time. 
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    Yes definitely give the kids chairs so if their parents do not want to hold them the entire time they do not have to.  If the kids end up being held the whole time the diaper bags, etc and be in the chairs and at easier reach for the parents.
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    Thanks for the advice, everyone! It is INCREDIBLY helpful. :)
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    We had 2 little infants and 2 toddlers. I told the coordinator at the venue and he kept seats for them but had high chairs, booster seats and car seat slings available if the parents wanted them.
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