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A lot of my close friends and family have experienced great deals of loss this year and are counting on me to throw a killer bash. They're all looking forward to it, even saying they deserve to have a great time. Besides providing great food, drinks and music, what are some things I can do/have to make it a really great experience for everyone? All suggestions welcome!

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    Food, drinks, and music are the MOST important things!!  Make sure you have upbeat music and a fun atmosphere and you'll be all set. 

    You could look into a photobooth.  Those are really fun and popular and you can put out a little box of props for people to wear in their pictures.
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    Ditto Dani.  The weddings I most enjoy have good food, plenty to drink, good music to dance to, and a bride and groom who take time to visit with their guests and who look like they're enjoying themselves.

    I don't think you have to do any more than that to have a great reception.
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    If you're having an outdoor wedding (and it goes with your theme), you could set up games for people to play. Another knottie on here (I don't remember where I saw it) was having a picnic theme and is having games set up like bocce ball, etc. Since I'm doing something similar, I thought that would be fun to do for our guests. We're having bocce ball, lawn darts (minus the dart part - that could be all kinds of bad!) that ball/ladder thing. People can mingle and play, eat or just sit and relax with each other that way!
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    I agree with all the PP's it also kinda depends on your overall theme and style. It would be a lil wierd to have lots of lawn games outside and an overly elegant event inside..

    Ideas that can be tailored to most themes: Photobooth, candy bar, great food, good drinks (themed drinks always fun), great music throughout the night very upbeat, interactive table games (ever seen mickies caps(Beer) with the puzzles? have the answers on different tables so people move about and talk), have picture scavenger hunts (disposable cameras on tables and a checklist of pictures (take a pic of a gm getting low, take a pic of bride kissing groom, take a pic...etc so people are interacting and getting you candid pictures at the same time) put on songs that make people switch up partners often and make a game where the last person dancing with the bride or groom win a prize. similar to the dollar dance but where you give them something... give out fun favors (shy away from food to make it more fun...

    Id need to know a theme and colors to give more specific examples.
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    Not knowing your budget or your personal style, Im going to just throw an idea out there. If you dont like it tell me more about what you want for your wedding. There are so many different ways you can go. Maybe think vintage casino..not cheesy in the least bit if you do it right and not overdone. In a good sized reception venue you can have your lounge and a few casino games such as blackjack, roulete, etc. Theses games can be rented and some companies have staff that would be in charge of the games. You could have people come in a specific area and sign the guest book and have a baggy with a random assortment of poker chips (as the favor) to play the games with (have a large assortment of colors with no markings so its just all for fun). They do not have to play but it is a way to interact with each other. Others can sit on the loungers you've provided. Just in case have some folding chairs so that if there is no seating your not having grandma stand all evening. I love the idea of the diy photobooth, you can set up a camera that has a timer the guests can use and then it doesnt need anyone in charge. Have large picture frames and oversized props for the pictures and you will have a great thank you gift of sending the pictures to the guests with a personal note one the back when you print them. Have the bar be a martini bar. You can do personalized drinks such as a granny smith martini to incorporate your colors. A personal favorite when having a martini bar is to have an ice lugge for the bartenders to pour it down to chill it. Have white be a primary color as well and keep the lights sorta low with white light boxes accenting the corners and back of couchs for a casino/night club effect. go to and check out their curtains of gems or their chandeliers. they are beautiful.... also google "vintage casino weddings" they have such pretty and inspiring picturs out there. Thinking of those kinds of weddings they are always fun and interactive and I think of those cigeraette girls walking about selling stuff, you could have your hor durves servers do something similar.. Hope this helps a bit or is close to something you would like...

    for colors... black white and pops of granny smith green? if the dresses arnt ordered yet for the bm you could have them in black cocktail dresses (a common dress that will be worn more then once for sure) but keep the blue shoes for yourself cuz all brides need an amazing pair of blue shoes as their something blue i think.

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    I agree-good food, good drinks, good music!  That is seriously all you need!  My guests are still talking about how much fun our wedding was and it was 2 months ago, when I ask "what made it so much fun?"  i get this:

    "The candy buffet was great!   I felt like a little kid"-it was amazing, my elderly guests were seriously like little kids!  They had like 2 bags each and were giggling the entire time they were filling them up!

    "The DJ picked the perfect music!"-included with the RSVP we added a "song request" card so the guests could request a song for the DJ to play.  DH and I sifted through them and made a list for the DJ, everyone was so excited when their song came up!

    "You got everyone on the dance floor from the first song!"-This was the key I think, we played a game called "snowball."  Basically, the DJ told everyone the rules and by the end of the song every single guest was on the floor!  Basically you start with just the WP dancing, then when the DJ yells snowball, each person goes out and gets another person to dance with.  The only rule is "if someone asks you to dance, you have to go!"  and seriously, who is going to say "no" to the bride and groom???!!!  Right after that song, while everyone was on the floor, we did a conga line, this was 2 fun things in a row, so, it just kept the party going from there!

    "You guys (the B and G) made it fun, you were just so excited and it radiated through the crowd!"  This seems to be what I hear the most!  Because DH and I were so happy and upbeat, it made everyone else feel the same!  We were ready for a good time and wanted to get the party started, and trust me, guests will want to follow that good vibe!
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