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Table Runner Length?

On most websites, I've seen a standard length of 108 inches for table runners.  But I'm using 120 inch round tablecloths.  I did find one site selling 120 inch long runners.  Would the 108 be long enough, or should they be 120?

Re: Table Runner Length?

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    108" is 9 feet long. As long as your table is 9 feet or shorter in circumference, you should be fine. I'm assuming 120" is the entire cloth, including material that is hanging to the floor. If you're not sure about the width of your tables, you should ask the reception hall or place you are renting from.
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    arf3420arf3420 member
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    Yes, I think they're 72" tables, or 60", I can't remember.  But the venue said the 120" tablecloths would go to the floor.   So is the runner also supposed to be 120" to go to the floor, or should it be 108" and not hang down as far as the tablecloth? 
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