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ideas for annoucing the wedding party at reception?

i think i'll just have FI and i announced as Mr. and Mrs. or something, but for our members of our wedding party i'd like to do something fun/creative.  any ideas or things you have seen?

Re: ideas for annoucing the wedding party at reception?

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    I did not want to do the traditional/cheesy wedding party announcements so what we are going to try to do something different.  Since our location is separated, we are going to invite guests to the cocktail hour which will be separate from the main dinning area and dance floor.  After pictures, we (the party) are going to enter the other room without anyone knowing, and open the doors and be able to "invite" our guests into the dinner reception.  We would like to do some type of receiving line as people transition from the cocktail hour room to the reception room.  Once people move into the reception room, the cocktail hour room will be transformed into the dinner buffet and reopened when ready.  I am sure there are many details we have to work out with this.  Has anyone else tried anything like this before?  Any suggestions?
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