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I'm trying to figure out what to plan for my reception menu.  I've been told full dinner buffet as well as app's and other munchies.  The wedding is scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm and the reception around 5:30/6:00.  We are trying to stay on a budget but will not have time to do the cooking our selves.  Any suggestions????

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    Trays from the supermarket...thats a great idea! Thanks! We are going to be serving beer/wine/soft drinks, etc. and possibly one signature drink (we haven't decided on the sig. drink yet). The reception hall has a list of approved caterers but allows others for an additional $50.00. I'm mostly looking for what type of food would be appropriate (dinner or app's).  Also, if app's are ok then what would anyone suggest beyond the typical wings, meatballs, cheese and fruit/veggie trays.   I just don't want anyone to go away hungry, but at the same time I want to be able to afford my wedding.
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    You would need a LOT of heavy appetizers to keep people satisfied, which could get costly and complicated. So if I were in your shoes, my choice would be to get some catering trays from a local restaurant or deli, and set them up in chafing dishes or trays with sternos underneath to keep warm. I pulled up the menu for a local Italian deli near me (here it is if you want inspiration:, so if this were me planning the party I might do something like:* one chicken dish (marsala, francese, parmigiana)* one pasta dish (ziti, penne with vodka, tortellini, cheese ravioli - I'd keep it vegetarian, or offer the meat sauce on the side for those who want it)* maybe one fish and/or meat dish if you can swing it (tilapia, sole, shrimp; roast beef, roast pork loin, sausage & peppers, baked ham)* roasted or mashed potatoes, or rice* mixed vegetables* green salad* garlic bread or fresh rolls, with butterPlus the fruit, veggie and cheese & cracker trays from a supermarket, to put out for cocktail hour. Or like I said before, maybe try Boston Market. They have catering menus that range from $16pp to $23pp, and you get food, setup and breakdown people, servers, linens, china/disposables, chafing dishes and sternos, etc. comes with one meat entree, so maybe bring in a vegetarian entree from another place.
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    What foods do you like? What do your guests eat? Call up your favorite restaurant and ask if they do catering. Most of them are much cheaper than a regular wedding caterer and you would already know the food is good.
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