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How to start the party

My island themed reception is this Saturday, however, we were already married in Jamaica.  I am having difficulty thinking of how to get this thing in motion since we are not being announced. It is being held in our large backyard and we will probably greet people as they arrive.  We are having appetizers for the first 30-40 minutes and then dinner will be announced by the DJ.  We are not doing the typical bridal party and parent dances.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to "start the party" after we cut the cake?  I am meeting with my DJ tomorrow and I wanted to have some ideas to give to him. I know he will have some, but I wanted your opinions too.  Thanks!!

Re: How to start the party

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    I know you dont want typical...but my DJ is pushing for the bridal party dance where at some point he tells the bridal party to run into the crowd and grab someone to bring out on the dance floor with them.  its gets people dancing that maybe werent planning on it.
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    Play the electric slide.  I'm serious.  After the cake, our DJ played some mellow music while people were eating cake.  Then he played the electric slide and everyone got back on the dance floor.Ok, if the 80's aren't for you, signal it with a change in the music.  Play calm background music during the meal, and when you're ready, start the dance music.
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    How about a snowball dance. Basically two people start the dance and then every time the DJ says snowball they go grab someone else who is not dancing to dance with. Then DJ says snowball again and all teh folks dancing grab someone else not dancing and dance with them ect. Very fast you go 2,4,8,16,32,64 ,128 people on the dance floor. You could snowball at the word wedding or jamaica or your last name instead. Then next song have the DJ make it one of teh songs you whole crowd dances too You and Fi stay on teh dancefloor for a few songs
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