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Number of napkins for a cocktail reception

We are having a reception for approx. 100 people. There will be cocktails & passed hor d'oeuvres. about 25 of the guests will have already had a full dinner so they won't eat a lot of the hor d'oeuvres.How many napkins should I order and can the cocktail napkin be the only size I order?Thanks for the help.Dee

Re: Number of napkins for a cocktail reception

  • 5 or 6 per person
  • Why are only 25 of your 100 guests eating dinner before? If this is a 2 tiered reception then forget the cocktail napkins and do an equal reception for all the guests or admit you just don't want them there and do not invite at all
  • I don't understand why some people would have eaten dinner already. Is this a two tier reception. If they are VERY rude.
  • Okay I am trying really hard not to laugh as I write this...This board is a little wacky because of how upset people get over the simplest of questions.I just wanted to know about napkins. Napkins people.But since ffmaid & NCV2 are soooo concerned and have decided they are Judge Judy let me explain so their bridal blood pressure can go back down.The reason 25 people will have already eaten is this:We are older we are getting married for the first time outdoors in front of only 25 people (family & close lifelong friends) Those people are having dinner with us so their tummys will probably be full of food.After that we are having a party so the rest of our friends can join us at a another location, have some drinks,  great food and do a sassy dance move or two.This is the wedding my fiance and I want. I wouldn't call you or anyone else rude for how they choose to celebrate their wedding day. Nor would I call someone old fashioned if they chose to have every "traditional" thing included in their wedding.Now, if you still think that is rude goody goody on you but again girls... how many napkins. :)
  • hahaha Dee...I would agree with PP..about 5 or 6 per 500? Eventhough 25 people are going to be full, the others may not be and will eat more hor d'oeuvres, since they are not getting a full meal. Clearly just make sure you write on the invite hor d'oervres, drinks & dancing...make sure they know that your not feeding them a whole meal...((obviously))good luck...hope the wedding police don't come for you on your wedding day ;-) hahaha
  • yes thanks.:)The invites for the reception say there will be cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and desserts.
  • How many napkins ? 0 because nobody should be invited to this 2nd tier reception that is not invited to the primary occasion earlier in the day. If they are important invite them to the whole event if not do not invite at all buit being an older bride is no excuse to be a rude one.
  • Again... to ffmaid.Not sure why you feel the need to call people rude. It isn't considered rude to have two parties.Who said that "because nobody should be invited to this 2nd tier reception that is not invited to the primary occasion earlier in the day"WHO SAYS??? You can do whatever you want. People actually do this now. It is 2009. I have been to 3 weddings that were set up like this. Some I went to the whole event others I just attended the reception. At all I was happy to be there in any way to help CELEBRATE honey because that is what it is about.Sometimes people even have a reception days, weeks, months later inviting people who weren't invited to the ceremony.It is a matter of logistics, how and when people can travel and how you CHOOSE to celebrate.Why are you so upset over something and somebody you don't even know.Were not invited to someone's wedding and you never got a chance to vent to that person so you are using this board?If it bothers you so much tell you what, why don't you email me directly at [email protected] and we can discuss further.
  • ffmaid is all talk, no action - don't let her bother you. I've also attended a reception like yours where the couple was older and had a private ceremony w/close friends & family and then a much bigger cocktail reception afterwards. I was invited to the cocktail reception and don't consider it rude at all (they were amazing hosts and really took care of all of their guests) nor where they cheap (they are millionaires), it's just how they chose to celebrate. My napkin suggestion is actually more like 10 napkins a person. I would keep it just cocktail napkins if food will be passed (not a buffet). Better safe than sorry, I would def want more napkins than not enough.
  • Let me just back you up by saying its your special day and you and your FI can do whatever you want to. Now with that said, I would order at least 250 -300, but am I wrong in saying that? 500 just seems like a lot. Our wedding is in October and I was wondering the same thing.
  • Like I've said on other boards, this isn't an earth shattering ordeal here; it's cocktail napkins.  It's not really anyone's place to judge how she wants to celebrate her wedding.  That's the wonderful thing about wedding celebrations.  They're supposed to be a reflection of who each of us is.  The question is about even says so in the title of the post.  So I'm going to answer your question about napkins.  I think I would err on the side of caution.  My fiance's sister did personalized napkins, and she didn't order nearly enough; I didn't even realize that she had personalized napkins until months later when her mom commented about it.  If you're serving heavy hors d'oeurves, I would maybe go with 5 or 6 per person, even if some people may not eat as many.  If you have leftovers, you can always use them later.  Good luck with the planning!
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  • I agree with sudslover. You should get half engraved and half plain (colored w/out the engraving). Atleast you won't be stuck with a bunch of napkins that clearly are for only one occassion. Well.... I suppose you could always the extras at home so they don't go to waste, but no need to pay extra money just to end up with extra pretty napkins for the house.
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