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Almond favors enough?

I'm thinking of doing the traditional jordan almond favor in little bags with the poem...but just 5 in a bag to keep the italian tradition of 5 almonds signifying health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity. But, I don't think this is really enought to give as a favor? Although, we're planning on having small containers so that ppl. can take cookies as well. Think that would be enough for a favor?
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Re: Almond favors enough?

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    Favors are not required, so anything that you choose to offer will be plenty.
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    I think that's really cute!! And plenty! i love that idea and it's so personal!! Just be careful of anyone who may be allergic!!
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    I'm not doing a favor at all, so I think you are more then golden.
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    Answer and a (short) story:Yes, I think the almonds will be plenty for a favor.Jordan almonds have been a sticking point between my mother and me during this whole wedding planning process.  She's this little old Asian lady who has an interesting idea of how everything should be planned.  She has been insisting that we do Jordan almonds for favors even though we're not Italian or Greek.  She also wants us to put them in lace handkerchiefs and tie them with a completely not us.  Our compromise is that we're doing photo coasters instead for the favor, and we'll be putting a dish of Jordan almonds at each of the bars at the reception so that the few people that eat them can do so.
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    Favors are never ever required. Jordan almonds are not my style but absolutrely fine and more then sufficent  
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    I think that is enough of a favor. To make it meaningful to your guests, maybe you could include a tag that explains the significance of the 5 almonds...
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