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Hello! I am looking to buy favors for my MOH's bridal shower that I am throwing soon, and I found a SUPER good deal on them on the website I am just a little worried about using the site because I have never used it before, and it came up on my google search (the first site listed when I did a google search). Anyways, has anyone here used them/ will be using them/ know someone that has used them?? If so, was everything okay (items, customer service, etc)?? TIA!! Ashley

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    When I was looking for my favors online I came across with that website, but I ended ordering from because their prices are a little bit better.  I can recommend, fast shipping, super customer service.  On my order one item was broken and 2 were missing, I called them and in three days I have those 3 items on my door.  What I like from them is that they have a brick & mortal store in NY, for me that was a plus becase I knew that they were for real.
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