DIY craziness

Last night I went crazy.  I finished all the tags for the take out boxes for our candy buffet. Printed, mounted to cardstock, made into stickers through the Xyron (Have i mentioned that I love that machine?).  I also printed and cut all all the candy bar name tags (Twizzlers...etc) as well as 3 tags for our neices and nephews to put on 3 of the giant lollipops.  I made 3 mustaches on a stick out of foam to use for a photo station prop.  I made 2 monogram flags to go on top of the lollipop trees I made last week. I also decided I wanted to make cute DMB lyric picks to put on the candy fruit trees  (I made the bases last week) and randomly on the soft pretzel sticks--- I didn't need or originally plan to make these, I just did it spur of the moment).  113 and I'm starting to feel like Martha Stewart on crack.  :)

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