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candle centerpeices, help?

I think I want to have a centerpiece of all different types of candle holders, all gold and classic/anique looking. Anyone have any ideas where i can find candle holders that arent 80 bucks a piece?Thanks for your help!

Re: candle centerpeices, help?

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    This might not be the best advice, but one place I would try looking is places like Goodwill and thrift stores in your area. If you're not opposed to getting up early on a Saturday and driving around, try yard sales and look for yard sales in more expensive neighborhoods in your area. Also, if you happen to come across something you see that isn't the right color, you can always spray paint them gold and use specialized paint (sold in craft stores everywhere) that mimics an antique patina. :)Good luck! :)
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    You could try Dollar Tree, you can order in bulk online, or any of your local dollar stores.
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    I thought of the Good Will store as well. If you are wanting them to be together, think outside the box. Possibly look for serving plates round or oblong. You could always use the wooden box style serving trays as well. Spray them if needed, a color to accent your colors. You could take 3 candles of different heights, ribbon them together and place them on the trays. Place rocks or clear stones around the base. Every table does not have to be the same. It adds some character and gives the guests additional things to look at. I like creative things. Hope this helps.
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    try crafts stores like hobby lobby, or micheals, things like that, and dollar stores, all dollar stores have different things, especially the smaller rinky dink ones. even flea markets! my brother in law got his all from the dollar store and spray painted them so they had a goldish tint to them.
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