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This may sound silly, but on top of being my favorite treat... s'mores played a significant roll in our early dating relationship. So I very much would love to serve them at our reception for the obvious yummy reasons and sentimental reasons as well...Has anyone successfully served s'mores at their wedding? How did it work? Any tips, advice, or ideas?TIA!

Re: S'mores!

  • Both of those setups are awesome, I enjoyed the second one at the wedding the most, but liked the idea of the first one if you can afford someone to do that for you the whole night.
  • My sister did a s'mores bar at her wedding, but I honestly don't think anyone took advantage of it.  I know I didn't, but it was probably because it was kind of hidden in the corner and it wasn't announced or anything.  I think it's a great idea, but make sure it's prominent enough that people know it's there.
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  • Not me, but I so looooooooove this idea!
  • I have seen a lot of bride incorporate a s'more idea in their cake. If you haven't already placed an order or your cake or decided on flavors, look into having a s'more option as one of the tiers. I know the Elle cakes (www.ellecakes.com) has a s'more option that includes; Chocolate cake, vanilla scented fluff, and graham cracker crunch. Sounds like a little slice of heaven to me!
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