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Alternative reception entertainment ideas?

My fiance and I have a 18 inch height difference and just plain HATE dancing! We dread the the first dance, father/daughter dance, guests inviting us to dance with them etc. Bottom line, we are NOT dancing people. We want to skip having a dance floor and dancing altogether at our wedding reception. Our reception is 115 people and taking place a golf club which has a beautiful out-door balcony. The feel is just between casual and semi-formal. We are planning on having a buffet dinner to get people up out of their seats to mingle. There are about 15 children invited which will add to the energy. We are not nixing music, but still up in the air whether to hire a DJ or plug in an ipod. Can you please give us ideas for alternative entertainment?

Re: Alternative reception entertainment ideas?

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    Are your guests dancing people? If they are, please reconsider your idea to not have any dancing. You don't have to do the traditional first dance or parent dances, and you can spend more time mingling than on the dance floor -- but providing dancing for your guests would be nice. If you don't provide dancing, I see this being a very short reception -- once the food is eaten and the cake is cut, people will only socialize for so long without dancing.
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    I saw a couple that hated dancing that did a first Rock Band.  It was pretty hard core.You may want to have a small dance floor in case people really want to boogie, but no one says you have to touch it.  I would probably skip the DJ and just put some great background music on your iPod.
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