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DJ vs. Live Band

Not sure if I should have a band or a DJ.  On one hand, I love the energy a live band brings to receptions.  On the other hand,  there are certain songs performed by certain artists that I would love to incorporate into my reception.  Any opinions are greatly appreciated!

Re: DJ vs. Live Band

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    IMO, a really good band trumps a DJ, but a DJ is better than a just average band. If you can book a good band, perhaps you can hook up an ipod or a computer to the venue speaker system and play a few particular songs that you want while the band is on break.
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    I prefer band over a DJ. You could always have both if there are songs that you want to hear by the original artist.
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    I've never been a fan of bands. I prefer djs since they have a wider range of music and play songs as they are intended to be heard by the original recording artists. Also, there is no need for endless breaks with a dj.
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    Also, if price is a concern, a dj is much cheaper.
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    I think if you can afford both a dj and a band... go for itIt all breaks down to what your willing to spend on a good BAND or DJ and the evening your trying to have.GL!
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    Go with a band like Prime Time, they played mine and provided recorded music as well, anything you want..They are the best band I have ever seen at a wedding.
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