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We're having passed hors'dorves (sp) and a buffet/carving station at our reception. Is it really necessary to have individual menues printed?

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    Nope.  It's never really necessary to have individual menus printed unless guests are ordering at tables.
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    Menu cards are never required. However, they are much more practical for buffets and don't serve any purpose for a plated meal. With a buffet, guests can read them over before they get up to fill their plates and have some idea of what is available and what to avoid due to food allergies or just not liking something and it makes the lines go much quicker. If you're having hors d'ouerves only with a carving station, then skip the menu cards entirely.
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    I was actually thinking the opposite of pp. For a buffet I don't think menus would be much use because even if I knew what was being served in the buffet I would have no idea where each station was and I would still have to go through the entire line to find what it is that I wanted. Also, the buffets I've been to are usually pretty extensive and there's no way I would remember everything that was listed on the menu card. I think a menu comes in handy for a plated meal so people know what their options are ahead of time. That way, when the server comes to take their order they're not stuck making a snap decision on the spot. It also moves things along quicker because the server is not stuck explaining each dish to every person they are serving.
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    Most buffets are a single table setup. Stations (which are something else) are scattered around the room and most caterers will decorate them to fit the theme of what is being served at each, however some may have a different way of distinguishing between each.Don't automatically assume that every caterer offers tableside ordering. While that may be common in some regions (NYC for example), that isn't an option most places, no matter how great the caterer is. In that case, guests have to pick their food choice on the reply card.
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