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Dessert Reception?

Any ideas how to pull one off. I'm thinking of moving our ceremony time to 7pm and the reception will began at 7:45pm until 11:30pm.

Re: Dessert Reception?

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    Make sure to put a note on the invitation or reception card that it's desserts only. Beyond that, there isn't anything out of the ordinary that happens at a dessert reception. The only difference between that and the type that most people are used with dinner is that the dessert reception is much shorter obviously. There's no cocktail hour for example. The dessert spread is available as soon as the reception starts. Cake cutting would be toward the beginning. There is generally no alcohol served since it's a very bad idea to serve alcohol with no substantial food (having only sugar in your system combined with alcohol will make people drunk and sick immediately) and most venues are required by law to not serve alcohol unless there is actual food being served at the same time, which doesn't happen at a dessert reception. Not everyone likes the taste combination either. Some people say to add appetizers for those who don't like sweets but the minute you do that, it's no longer a dessert reception. You can serve cheese and fruit platters as well as sugar-free desserts. While some dessert receptions may have a dj for dancing, most don't and guests mingle the entire time and the reception is over 2-3 hrs after it starts. You must have seating (and tables for people to set their drinks and plates on) for every single guest. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want. The selections are only limited by your imagination and budget. What other info are you looking for? My family only ever does dessert receptions so I have been to a ton of them.
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