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2 meats vs. 3 meats...

Okay, so I'm having about 110 guests for both the Ceremony and the reception. I know everyone has different tastes, and depending on the mood may change their minds frequently before attending our event in March. I know I want at least 2 meats (oh and we are having a buffet) but I think 3 would be better. I know I want a chicken, a seafood and possibly a beef (my mother wants the prime rib carving station) There is not a "Significant" difference in the price but my Fiance' doesn't think we need 3 meats... How do you feel? Any suggestions? What did you do? Recommendations??? :D Thanks!!!

Re: 2 meats vs. 3 meats...

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    I think that, if you have the option to offer more choices, that's always a good thing. I think a seafood and a chicken entree, plus the carving station, would be great. But I don't think it'd be a disaster if you cut it back to only two. I would just think about what your guest list would like the least and then nix that option. As long as there's also a vegetarian entree available, everyone should be able to eat SOMEthing. And there will always be someone who's not 100% happy but that'll happen no matter how far you bend over backwards for them.  For what it's worth, we're doing a beef, a chicken, a fish and a vegetarian entree. That's standard at our hall, but we're charged one flat rate no matter what people choose since they do tableside ordering that night (like in a restaurant).
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    If I was a guest at your wedding, I would appreciate the seafood option.  I consider myself a vegetarian but still eat fish, otherwise I would just eat the sides.  I guess it wouldn't really matter either way, but if the price difference isn't that significant, then I don't see why including a seafood option would be a big deal.  Good luck!
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    Go with the 3 options. You can't go wrong with variety!
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    We aren't having a buffet but we do have a choice of 3 duet entrees with different sides for each. I think 3 meats is good...air, land and sea (or earth for veggies).
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    If you have to choose just 2, skip the beef.  In today's health concious world, fewer and fewer people are eating beef.Three is great if you can manage it.
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