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reception - dance timeline

I am having trouble deciding on a timeline for where to fit in our first dance and the f/d, m/s dances at the reception.  Almost all of the wedding I've been to lately do them before dinner starts, which I like.  However, when our guests walk into the reception room from the cocktail hour outside the salads will be preset on the table already.    Should we dance while people are eating their salads?  Or should we wait until dinner is over?  We would also like FI's Grandfather to say the blessing before dinner but I'm worried that people are just going to come in and start eating because the salads are out.  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated : ) 

Re: reception - dance timeline

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    Walk in Grandpa does blessing Bride and groom dance while salad eaten groom and mom dance bride and dad dance main meal served
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    My vote is Bridal party introductions (Cut the cake?) Grandpa Prayer Dinner for all (Speeches in between courses for bridal party?) Dessert First dance Everyone dances There's so many ways to do it... no right way! Just figure out what works with your flow/reception site! Good luck
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