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Anyone hungry?

HELP!  We are having a brunch reception and I am having major problems with the menu.  Any ideas?  Thanks so much!

Re: Anyone hungry?

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    Omelett/fratata station, fresh muffins, croissants, bagels, lox (salmon), fresh fruit, breakfast meats, mimosas, a bloody mary bar.
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    Waffle bar!Are you self-catering, do you have a caterer, or is it at a restaurant?  Unless you're self-catering, whoever is providing your food should be able to give you some insight.
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    Since Brunch is a combination of both breakfast and lunch, you need both items.  You could check out some high end restaurants or hotels that offer brunch to see what they offer.You should have breakfast items:  eggs, or omeletts, waffles, fruit, muffins, etc.  You also need to have lunch items:  a carving station of beef, ham, or turkey (or all three), salads, potatoes, veggies, and breads.  And of course, you need lots of dessert.!I'd also have mimosas and bloody marys.
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    Assuming you're having a caterer take care of everything:Omelet stationCrepes station (most of the time for breakfast they're sweet but you can have savory options as well)French toast or Belgian waffle stationCarving station (ham, prime rib) in case you didn't want to serve the traditional breakfast meats of sausage and baconBiscuits and gravyFruit plattersLunch items to include:Hearty sandwiches (BLT, chicken salad, etc)Pastaanything you might find on a lunch menu that isn't as heavy as dinner would beBeverages:Espresso (which includes coffee, tea, hot cocoa)Not everyone likes alcohol that early in the morning but some people do so have the option available for mimosas, etc If you have kids/teens in attendance, make sure there is something that appeals to them as well. JuicesMilkSodas (yes people do drink it that early)
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    Also add hash browns to the breakfast foods list.
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    Thanks, ladies.  I appreciate all of your help. 
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