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My future hubby's mother passed away last year. In place of having a mother/son dance, my fiance has asked his aunt, who is also his godmother to dance with him at our reception... Does anyone have any ideas for a good song for them to dance to??? Not anything too sentimental but still special.... HELP!!

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  • First of all,I am SO sorry to hear about your fiance's loss; I too am going through a similar thing, with the loss of my dad.If you guys are Beatles fans, there are a slew of good songs, especially, 'And I Love Her'. We are actually going to use Stevie Wonder's: "For Once In My Life", for the mom/son dance, because my fiance didn't want anything too schmoozey while dancing with his mom. We really like the lyrics, and it's a really upbeat song.Good luck with your search! I hope I've helped a bit:)
  • My daughter used "Days like this" by Van Morrison for one of the parent dances. It's not too sappy/emotional, mellow but upbeat, a medium tempo that is easy to dance to. But there is a line in there of "My mama told me, there'd be days like this". It might be an appropriate tribute to his mom, but it might be a little too painful a reminder also.
  • My husband's mom has passed away as well.  He asked my mom to dance at our wedding and they danced to "Circle of Life" by Elton John. 
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    My FI's mother is not around as well. He is having his grandmother dance with him. We have not told her yet, we want to surprise her. He picked "My Wish" by Rascle Flatts. FI is not a country music fan but this is so perfect.
  • "i"ll be seeing you" by billie holiday. It's what my sister in law is dancing to with my dad  because her father passed away. its pretty, its sentimental and it also slightly commemorates the passed away loved one.
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