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Ostrich Feather Centerpieces and Eiffel Tower Vases

We just had the most amazing wedding and now I am trying to find someone who can enjoy our white ostrich feather centerpieces as mush as we have. I am trying to sell the 24- 28" frosted white eiffel tower vases and over 700 white ostrich feather drabs measuring 17-22" long. These feather are in excellent condition. Please see the link below for pictures. am willing to sell these items at very low cost since I no longer have a use for them. If interested, please feel free to email me at (this email address will change soon with my name change) you can always reach me at (304) 685-0891.Thanks! Kim Weber

Re: Ostrich Feather Centerpieces and Eiffel Tower Vases

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    Just for internet security, it's never a good idea to put your full name and phone number in a post.  Remember this is an international board and you never know who might be lurking here other than legitimate brides planning a wedding.You might want to repost with just your e-mail address.You might also have better luck posting this on the Trash to Treasure board and  your local Craig's List.
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