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Photo Table Numbers

I'm sorry if this was posted before.FI and I are going to have a friend take pictures of us at different landmarks holding up a sign that has the table numbers on it.  We'll use that rather than just a plain number.I'm wondering if anyone else has done this?  What size did you print out the picutres- and what size did you use for the signs?Also- if you have any ideas for cute/different poses- I'd really appreciate them :)   Thanks!

Re: Photo Table Numbers

  • I wanted to do something like that too!! FI thought it would be fun, but there were a couple of little things you might want to consider if you go with this: 1. How many tables are you going to have? 2. Where are you going to put your table numbers? At the base of the centerpiece or sticking up out of the centerpiece?When I mentioned possibly doing this for our table numbers to my super-traditional mother, she thought it might be cute to bend our bodies in the shape of the numbers... but we are not that flexible, and I'm not sure how to bend into a 3, 6, or 2. Another way it could work would be to include your wedding party, and maybe do number formations like they do for marching band field shows (or check out the video for "Mad World" by Gary Jules on youtube).
  • I'm doing photo as table numbers.  I'm having photo of the houses where we have lived.  They are 5x7 and I will put them in an easel.  I made them in photobucket under scrapbook.Take a look:http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee353/drod58/TableCard3.jpghttp://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee353/drod58/TableCard.jpg
  • Drod58--- Did you buy or make the frames for your table numbers?  They're so cute!
  • heather - I did the frames myself.  I bought cardstock paper at ACMoore, you also can find it at Michaels by the scrapbook materials, cut it, fold it in half and taped it with double side tape.
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