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Re: Our Surprise First Dance-Soulja Boy

  • I didn't watch the link, but I don't think I want to because of the uber lameness it just sounds like it's going to be.
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  • And it's even the Travis Barker remix. lolz.I really hope no one ever tells them what the lyrics to that song are all about ...

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  • Nothing says romance like "superman dat ho"
  • my FI HATES that song.. and I would never use that as a surprise first dance...GL with that one.
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  • oh wow.. youre already married and did this. I think my FI granny would faint.
    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

  • It seems like a cute idea in theory, but comes off as kind of cheesy and contrived. Maybe it's just because I hate that song...
  • I think it looks like a lot of fun!  It will wake up the crowd unlike the traditional first dances.  If that's what u want go for it.  It will be fun for you and a great memory!
  • Loved the video! And I have made a mental note never to start any questions or comments on here because there are ALWAYS people that HATE the idea and they are the ones that will be sure to make that point known. It looks like you guys had sooo much fun doing that, and personally I've seen enough slow dances as first dances that I could stand to actually see a fun one like that. BUT, it's all a matter of personality and your preference. Obviously not going to work if the person is super traditional and having a super formal wedding... most every guest at your wedding will know the bride or the groom well enough to know their personality and wouldn't be shocked at the first dance. Congrats for being fun.
  • Omg super fun!  Some people just can't handle any deviation from tradition.  Personaly, i think traditional dancing round and round in circles is boring.  It was memorable for your guests and something they will talk about for a long time.  I'm sure you had many other chances to do the 'traditional' slow dance thoughout the night.  Good for you, congrats!
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