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Photo Booth Rental Recommendation Needed

Does anyone have any recommendations for a photo booth rental in the Atlanta area? My wedding is north of the city, and I've found way too many companies to chose from. I'm looking for a reputable and affordable vendor. Thank you!

Re: Photo Booth Rental Recommendation Needed

  • Post this question on the [url=]Atlanta board[/url].  This is an international board.

  • have you booked a photographer yet? My photographer is setting up a backdrop and a camera and is having the assistant photographer just stay there for a while to take pictures of whoever wants them PLUS its free! I have seen the results and the pics turn out AWESOME. I like this better than your typical photo booth because there is more room and more options. If you do already have a photographer maybe run this idea by them? Lots of photographers are really accommodating you just need to ask!
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