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Let them eat cake!

I'm cake testing at a local grocery store and they let you mix and match cake flavors, frostings, and fillings. All I know is that I want a raspberry filling! Any ideas for what cake flavor/frosting would compliment that well? Below are all the options (feel free to suggest your own personal favorite combos!) Cake flavors: white, marble, yellow, carrot, tiramisu, chocolate, spice, dropped raspberry, almond poppyseed, lemon poppyseed, almond white, amaretto Frostings: wedding buttercream, buttercream, chocolate buttercream, almond buttercream, whipped, white chocolate, chocolate fudge, cream cheese, rolled fondant Fillings: Strawberry, orange, ganache, german chocolate, raspberry, tropical fruit, chocolate fudge, lemon curd, pistachio, bavarian cream, chocolate mousse, fruit filling, raspberry mousse

Re: Let them eat cake!

  • I think plain white/vanilla, chocolate, almond, or amaretto would be good with raspberry filling. I like pretty simple vanilla, cream cheese, or almond buttercream.
  • We had almond cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream. We also had chocolate cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream. Both were great.

  • Is it fresh raspberries, or a raspberry compote/gel-type of filling?If it's fresh, I got FI a chocolate cake for his last birthday with chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries in the middle. Yummmmmmmmmm.If it's a gel-like compote, a white or vanilla cake would be good.
  • That does sound amazing! I'm a chocolate lover, but am trying to avoid it in my wedding cake for my FI (he's been splitting chocolate desserts with me for over 5 years, when all he really wants to order is a slice of apple pie!).
  • tiramisu and raspberries is a much overlooked, taste explosion.  My favorite!
  • I don't really care for fondant.  I did half chocolate w/ raspberry filling, and half carrot cake (no raisins).  Cream cheese frosting all over.  It was delicious.
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  • We just tasted lemon cake with raspberry preserves at our tasting this week and it was really good together - very refreshing and both complimentary flavors since they are kind of tart.
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  • My ideal cake would be raspberry filling iwth chocolate cake and white chocolate icing.
  • I would say either white or chocolate with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. We are having two tiers of chocolate with ganache filling and one tier of banana with cream cheese filling, vanilla buttercream frosting on the whole thing.
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  • Hmm let's see, raspberry filling with:Cakes-Lemon poppyseedalmond whiteamarettoFrostings-Wedding buttercreamAlmond buttercream (with the lemon poppyseed)Whipped white chocolateFondant (depending on what look you're going for.  just remember that it's really sweet)I think that the combination of citrus and raspberry would be yummy.  I also think that almond and raspberry is a good combination.  I personally would skip the white, yellow or marble and even the chocolate, just because they tend to be pretty conventional flavors, but it's really up to you.  Good luck!
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  • White or chocolate cake goes best with raspberry filling. Pair that with either regular buttercream or chocolate buttercream, depending on the cake flavor you decide on. Keep in mind that most people don't eat fondant and don't want to pay the extra price required for it either. Most grocery stores don't let you mix and match anything so it sounds like you lucked out in that area. What is the difference between wedding buttercream and regular buttercream? Most bakeries consider them to be one and the same.
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