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Ceiling Draping for Enchanted Forest theme

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for ideas on how to decorate for my enchanted forest type reception.  I have great ideas for the centerpieces, but my biggest concern is the ceiling.  I like the now-cliche tulle and twinkle lights, but I would really like to do something with vines, ivy or some sort of leafy greenery.  Are there places that do the ceiling draping that can incorporate this?  Any other fab ideas??  I'm open to suggestion!

Enchanted forest - think lots of greenery, flowers here and there but not overdone, lots of candles and fairy lights hidden in the greenery.

We are also on a fairly limited budget, so nothing too extravagant.

Re: Ceiling Draping for Enchanted Forest theme

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    If your ceiling is low, something like the picture in this link would be really cool. You could probably just buy a bunch of hanging plants and blanket the ceiling with them.
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    Hello Ladies!

     I am having some issues with what to do with my reception venue. Its really a great place but, the ceiling needs something. I am doing an enchanted forest theme, but nothing like fairies, or crazy lights and stuff. Very Earthy with a magical touch. I would like to do possibly some ivy and icicle lights on the ceiling but, haven't been able to find any pictures of this idea, and I am getting frustrated! Any help would be awesome! Or if you have some other ideas that would be great!!

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