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chiavari chairs

Hi all,

I've been looking at a few venues for my wedding and absolutely love the idea of chiavari chairs.  The point I am at right now is likely choosing between two venues.

The first venue comes with the chiavari chairs and the second one doesnt.  However, the second venue is stunning and has an amazing view and accommodates more people at the ceremony.  The first venue is still really nice, but its not as beautiful and accommodates less people at the ceremony (less than our guest capacity, but coordinator, ensures not everyone will show up to the ceremony)

Are the chairs worth choosing the venue?

Re: chiavari chairs

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    Not sure where you're located but I just received an email that said A Chair Affair Inc. is selling their chairs for $6.00 each.  But they have a monthly drawing for free chairs. 

    It depends on how the chairs will look in your pictures too.
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