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semi-father/daughter dance

i'm 20 years old and my parents have been divorced since i was 10. i only got to see dad a couple times a month and less and less as i got older and more involved in school. for years, i've wondered what song i could possibly play at my wedding that says, "i love you, dad, but you were never really around." his idea of showing that he loves me is sending a check every month and saying that's good enough. i get the vibe he only does it because he has to and wouldn't bother sending me any money to help me later on when i'm done with school. i really do love my dad, but i've been disappointed for so many reasons, and i can't think of a good song to match. all the ones i've heard are all for the girls who were their daddy's princess. but where are the songs for the girls who love their dads, even if they aren't the best or the most reliable?

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    It doesn't have to be a song about a "father/daughter" relationship. My friend has a similair relationship with her father and when she got married she simply danced with him to a song by a band which they both liked. It did not speak at all about "father-daughter" relationships but was something that was special to both of them.
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    Do you have someone, like a step-father or granfather you're close to?  the father doesn't necessarily have to be your biological father, but I'm sure you know that. 

    And like dawn said it doesn't have to be a 'princess' like song.... sorry I can't help more...but it's ultimately up to you who you dance with & what song you choose.

    Good luck...
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    I have a similar situation, with my dad. Of course I want him to be there for the traditional walk down the aisle but, I'm nervous about the dance. At this point, I'm thinking of just a simply nice song, nothing about father/daughter. Think of something like "Gerogia" by Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, or Ella Fitzgerald. Alicia Keys? Classic Louis Armstrong?
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    What about doing a mother-daugther dance?  That is, assuming, you're close to your mother.  Or, you could even do a dance with your fiance's father if you're significantly closer to him than you are to your father.

    Keep in mind though, that any of those options might stir up some controversy if your family is an especially dramatic type (like mine!)
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    I wish I had the answer to this one as it is a question I'm currently debating also.  It's as impossible as finding an appropriate father's day card LOL. 

    One song that I'm contemplating is "These are the Days" by Van Morrison.  It's really long and I'm thinking about the idea of inviting our other family members to join in so that both families are dancing together by the end of the song.  That being said, what I'm envisioning in my head might happen as effortlessly in real life.  The other thing I'm thinking about is just asking my dad if there's a song he would like to dance to - why put all of the pressure on the bride?!

    Good luck!
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