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Corrections to invitations after sent? HOW?!?!

we had to do invitations in three different languages: MY language, HIS language and English (for the rest of people)
We have many different nationalities to our wedding and the wedding itself is taking place in a different country which is neither mine nor his (it is where we live)
so, we had hard time finding out what should be the dress code and after consulting and so on, cause is afternoon wedding the final resolution was cocktail or semi-formal ... However, for some reason our own languages invitation got the print "cocktail / semi-formal" ...  BUT we received comments in our local languages whether semi-formal meant jeans with tie .... so, with all the confusion we completely forgot to check what does semi-formal means in our own languages!! now people might be confused...
How to fix the error??

Re: Corrections to invitations after sent? HOW?!?!

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    aegrishaegrish member
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    I am confused...can you call or write people individually?  Do you have a wedding website (in every language).  I would think if people are truly confused they will ask you or a relative.
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     It's not really polite to specify a dress code on invites...and while it's too late to go back and change it, there's no need to continue to dictate a dress code to the entire guest list after the fact. I would just tell anyone who calls to ask that cocktail dress (or the equivalent term in the other language) is what you meant. 
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    Word of mouth, if people ask/want to know
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    Hi, thanks all for your answers...
    Where i come from and where i live (another country) it is necessary and etiquette to write the dress code in the invitations... let's say, a tradition ...  what im afraid is precisely that they get not entirely confused and they will not ask, arriving with jeans and tie hahaha...
    anyway, yes i don't know how i didn't think before on the website, i will start building it ...
    what i just DID instead and i think is a GREAT IDEA is that i created a facebook group for the wedding for fast reminders and messages, i thought on this cause almost all invites have FB accounts ... website is good but the FB group was faster and practical ... problem solved!
    thanks all in any case!
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    send an email/call


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