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Board Games?

We are going to have over 20 kids at our reception. It's in the afternoon and a lot of people on my side arn't really into dancing. I'm afraid people are going to get bored, especially the kids. I was thinking of setting up a table of all kinds of board games for kids and adults and then having playing cards with our names and wedding date as favors. Is this tacky?

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    I wouldn't say its tacky. We are doing a similar thing, not because we have lots of kids, but because my FI and I don't like dancing. We are video game people so we are even planning to have a side room with Rock Band so people can have fun with that.

    I think it is a great idea that you are providing something for kids to do. They can get bored so easily with the regular wedding stuff. Maybe even adding coloring books and crayons since they are inexpensive and can provide lots of fun for kids not old enough for board games.
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    Thanks for the great ideas! I wonder how much it would cost to rent a pinball machine.
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    If people don't dance, they mingle. Board/video/arcade games isolate people instead of creating a socializing environment which is what you have if someone doesn't dance. Leave the board games at home.
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    I think it would be a good idea, youcould tone it down by putting kiddie placemats with games or coloring depending on thier age to keep them occupied.  The old give them a camera and a list of things to find at reception seems to work...
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    A teasure hunt is a great idea. It actually sounds better than board games

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    A wedding should be a reflection of the couple....if the couple loves board games/video games/whatever whose to say they can't have them at the wedding? We were initially thinking of having a backyard wedding in the afternoon with board games and lawn games, but in the end decided to have an evening wedding with dancing. I think if that is what you enjoy, then go for it.

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    I don't think anyone should tell you what belongs at your wedding. Its your wedding! It doesn't have to be just like everyone elses. I get bored when I go to weddings, because it's always the same stuff. If you want to incorporate games into your wedding, go for it. Not everyone socializes with everyone else, especially younger folk. Whenever my parents dragged me to a wedding, I'd sit at a table and talk to my cousins, getting bored after the first 20 minutes of socializing.

    My cousin had an outdoor reception, and a lot of the guests were playing outdoor games like volleyball, cornhole, and croquet. It fit right into the reception and everyone had a great time.

    I'm having an area for kids to play during the reception. I was thinking of setting it up with bags of candy, crayons, coloring books they could take home, and a few other things. I know my nephews get bored at weddings so I wanted something that could keep them entertained.
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    I would say rather than "board" games per se, maybe group games such as Taboo, Apples to Apples, Cranium- things that can be fun and express personalities with entertainment moreso than games such as Life and Monopoly. 

    I understand the "not dancing" thing.  It's just not everyone's style.  Though I don't think you need to provide a  great array of entertainment, adults are typically fully able to entertain themselves with food, drinks, and conversation. 
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    No one wants playing cards with your names and wedding date on them.  It's the sort of thing that maybe a handful of guests will take out of obligation, and the rest will leave behind.

    Having a table set up with board games sounds fine, though.  As long as you're not stopping the party to force people into playing, I'm okay with having them available.  It does tend to limit socializing, though.
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    We're also doing board/card games, but not because of kids (most of the children will be infants/toddlers) but because we love them and playing them is an activity we often share with friends and family.  Honestly, I really think I'll see my grandmother kicking butt at Skipbo and my cousins roaring with laughter over Apples to Apples.  My friends will argue over the correct answer to a Cranium question and a good time will be had by all.

    Not only do games bring family members together, they do so across cultures.  Much of my fiance's family is German, some of whom speak little English.  To help bridge that gap between our families, we'll be having some games that the US has in common with Germany - Canasta and Yahtzee (Kniffle.) 

    Also, board games lend themselves very nicely to fun details.  For example, the Save the Date postcards we just sent out had "Save" "the" and "date" spelled out on a Scrabble board,with our names spelled out in tiles on two of the tile racks. 

    Follow what's right for you and your family.  Just because it "isn't done" doesn't mean it can't be done and go over famously.
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    I love games. I'm not opposed to them at weddings if you know people will enjoy them. 

    I do love the idea of the cards as favors. HOWEVER, not so much cards with your info on them. Could you do a design on the back in your wedding colors? Or just have your info on the box? Your name and date are important to you, not so much to your guests. I'd appreciate a nice, non-personalized deck of cards a million times more.
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