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Venue help: D&B?

FH and I are wanting a "fun" reception. We're not big on the whole sit-down meal where everyone just sits at their tables and watches us do random dances all night. Eh. We've been thinking about having a reception at this very pretty old house in our hometown, which would be perfect for a cocktail reception. (Think huge hor dourves, tons of drinks, and mingling - LOTS of mingling).


A random thought popped into our heads a couple of days ago. We LOVE Dave & Buster's. It has good food, better drinks, and tons of games! (Win, win, win.) I know it's not really "reception-y", but they do have large rooms you can rent out (one that's typically for recepitons - a big ballroom type of room). We'd get our own dining room, bar, and restrooms. Do all the normal reception stuff, then at the end of the scheduled stuff (like food, cake, garter toss, etc) people can either split and go home, or go to the back and play games. Favors would be easy: Personalized game gards. I know my younger friends would think it's awesome. It would be a lot of fun. But I'm sure my older guests would walk in and think, "WTF?" (But, hey, the private room would keep them out of all the maddness, if they so wish!)

What are your thoughts? Too tacky?
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