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Photobooth- Worth it?

Hi There! We are your thoughts on Photo booths? I think they seem fun and I have been at lots of weddings with them. Has anyone used them? Was it worth the price tag? What did you spend?


Re: Photobooth- Worth it?

  • We had one and everyone including my 74 year old grandma and some nuns had a blast. Ours also had video and the stuff it caught was priceless.  If you can afford it I would definitely get one. If it's not in your budget it's fine to skip it.
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  • Im also getting one, they are so much fun and Id love to have the album to look back on. Mine is 595 for 6 hours, inlcudes prop box, photo slip reminders for favors on the table and then a ribbon tied around it of the color of the wedding. Also includes the album. I def would get it!
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    We had one and I definitely recommend it.  There are different styles - ours was the open style with a backdrop so that it was sort of integrated into the dance floor action.  We had the booth for 4 hours, which included unlimited 4" x 6" printouts for guests to keep (not the strips) and a CD of all of the photos.  We provided our own props.  We paid $1,400.  But I see Groupons for photo booths pretty frequently too.

    ETA - as PP said, everyone used the booth.  H's parents and their friends were the most frequent visitors.  It really suits all ages and type of guest, which is why we liked it.
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    [QUOTE]We're not having one, but regarding the cost, if you google DIY Photobooths, there are some good options.  I went to the wedding where they had it (they had a camera with a remote control)  It made for some fun pics!
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    <div>I definitely recommend looking into a DIY. You'll definitely want to make sure you test it out and make sure you know what you're doing. There is a reason they cost so much, but if you gave the expertise and access to the equipment, why not save the money?</div><div>
    </div><div>My Fi works in technology, so we're actually going to have a few photobooths because we own a crazy amount of equipment already. </div>
  • We had one, and it was very popular with guests.  Even my 88-year-old great aunt, who absoluately detests having her photo taken, was getting in on the fun.  Our photobooth had a line all night, and the scrapbook of guests' photos and messages is one of our most treasured weddiing keepsakes.  That being said, we got a half-price deal through a promotion our photographer was running.  If it had been full price, it probably wouldn't have been in our budget.  So while they are fun, it is up to you to decide if you want to spend the money.
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    [QUOTE]Hi There! We are your thoughts on Photo booths? I think they seem fun and I have been at lots of weddings with them. Has anyone used them? Was it worth the price tag? What did you spend? Thanks!
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    Whatever you do, do NOT buy one without a groupon. They seem to be on there for 50-60 percent off on a daily basis.
  • I've been to several wedding in the past couple years with a photo booth and I personally think they're kind of a waste.  I threw the pictures away the moment I got home and the majority of guests didn't use them.  I'd probably use it if I went to a wedding, but I just felt like it wasn't worth the money for our wedding.

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  • We thought about making our own but found a groupon- $250 for 2 hours. It doesn't include photos printed on-site but I get all rights to the photos on a USB. I plan to print photos and send them in thank you cards! :)
  • We're getting one and using it as our guestbook. Our photographer has one and gave us a discount on it for booking with him. The photobooth he uses prints out two strips, so we're going to ask our guests to stick them in a photo album (double-sided sticky tape) and write a little something. They can keep the other copy if they want. The best part is our photographer will also have all the photos captured by the photobooth saved digitally, so we're going to make a collage to hang in our living room :)
  • We are planning on getting one.  The one we are looking at is $795 for 4 hours, unlimited photos and a CD of all the pictures and its an actual full sized booth rather than the table top ones.  I believe it may come with props as well.  The big attraction to it was the guestbook idea, we think the pictures would be really neat to include in the book.
  • We are going to do a DIY photobooth using this awesome app!
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  • I am getting one for my wedding in June... I know my friends and family will love it. And only $450 for 4 hours :)
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    I also debated the use of a photo booth. I went to a wedding over the summer that had a photo booth and it was a huge hit! People of all age groups lined up to have their pics taken. I thought it was a fun way to let people interact with one another and they can let their personalities show with the use of props. I still have my strip of photos! I am having a photo booth at my wedding this summer for sure now. They get to keep one strip and I have a scrap book that they can put the second strip in and write a message to my future hubby and I.
    If a photo booth isn't in your budget, I recommend googling or youtubing other alternatives. When in doubt use google/youtube, it's helped me get lots of DIY ideas.

    Good luck!
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