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How to handle a late evening receiption??

I am planning a sunset wedding in May.  Since it is after dinner time, is it appropriate to have more of a cocktail type reception with drinks and hor'dourves?

Re: How to handle a late evening receiption??

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    That's fine, as long as you indicate that it's a cocktail reception on the invitation, and as long as it starts late enough for people to get food first (I'd say no earlier than 7:30).
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    I agree with aerin, although starting at 7:30 may be pushing it.  8:00 is still a popular dinner time.
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    I think as long as your guests have advance notice, i.e. what time to arrive and that dinner will not be served, I think they will manage to eat dinner a little earlier that day. I would still have the appetizers be a little more filling just in case, like hummus (protein) with pita points or skewered kabobs. 
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    Thank you all so much!  I was thinking the same things but it is always good to confirm with others.  Since the wedding will be after Daylight Savings Time, we are looking at a 7:30pm to 8pm ceremony.  Filling appetizers are a great idea and I will make sure that the invitations are explicit that the reception will be Appetizers and Cocktails only.  :D
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    that's so bizarre! most evening weddings here ARE dinner weddings and start at 8pm or so. to consider 8pm 'not dinnertime' doesn't make sense to me.
    since sunset times in CO for may are 6ish/7ish i would expect dinner.


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    Im glad you asked this question. i am planning a cocktail reception myself and was looking to start my ceremony around 8pm on a Friday!
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    The timing of the dinner hour is partly regional. If you live in a town that rolls up the sidewalks at 9:00 PM, dinner will be earlier in the evening.
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    I'm having an outdoor evening wedding/reception in May as well. The ceremony starts at 7:30 and the reception will follow directly afterwards. We're doing heavy Appetizers and a few "filling" meats & snacks. Everyone we've informed of this has been fine with the idea :)
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