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Help making a ceiling canopy?

Hello! I am wanting to make a simple, 4 panel ceiling canopy to go over the dance floor at my reception. However, I am lost when it comes to the logistics of actually making it. I am pretty sure that the site will be pretty strict on causing damage to the ceiling (i.e. holes, tape, etc) and I don't know how else to hang the panels. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Help making a ceiling canopy?

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    What is the ceiling like at your venue? If it has gridwork, then my first thought are those clips that you can buy to hang things from them (that may not be allowed, would have to check) or fishing line.

    I used google images and googled "ceiling canopy wedding" and came up with a billion sites with pictures to at least give you some where to start.

    Good luck!
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