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sharing a unique idea for table numbers

I think this si sooooo cool :) my friends and I came up with an idea for our table numbers.  My Fiance and I are 12 years apart wich has always been comical to us.  So we are having table years instead of numbers.  Example: the first table will be table 1987..... and will say something like "Sally was a newborn and Brian was 12 getting his braces on".  1993 "Sally was 6 graduating from Kindergarden and Brian was 18 graduating from High School."  Just wanted to share incase someone could use an idea similar :)

Re: sharing a unique idea for table numbers

  • Just make sure you put them in numerical order!  I went to a wedding with themed tables that didn't have numbers, and it took forever to find your seat.  Themed tables are fine, just make sure you still put a number or put them in order. 
  • I'll be honest, it sounds creepy.  While age differences when we're adults is no big deal, it's weird to point out how Sally was 6 when Brian entered adulthood.  Just my opinion.

  • I think some people might think it's cute, but others will see the creep factor here.  I don't know that I'd point out the age difference, even though as adults it's not a big deal at all.  Honestly, reading your post, I started thinking things like "Brian lost his virginity the same week that Sally turned 8"  or "Brian divorced his first wife the day Sally started junior high".  Extreme, and I know you wouldn't go this far, but the idea just kind of leads you there.
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    Yeah I think this is creepy; I'm sorry.
  • This is a really creepy idea.  DH and I don't even like discussing the fact that when he was a senior in highschool I was in the eighth grade.
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  • Creepy and frankly not all that unique.  Did you ever watch the show "The New Adventures of Old Christine?"  They did a slide show of the husband with new Christine doing that same thing.  Basically, here's a cute little picture of Christine dressed as a bunny and next to her is what's his face going to college.  Yeah, it's creepy, not fun.
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  • My fiance and I are 9 years apart, and I agree...creepy.

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  • Sorry, another vote for creepy.  
    Could you do something where a detail about you as a couple corresponds to the table number?  Something like:
    1 dog in Sally and Brian's life
    2 year engagement
    3 weeks before Sally agreed to go out with Brian
    4 years that they've been together
  • It's your wedding, so do what you want but I feel if people who don't know you and your fiance that well see this, like us here on theknot, they will interpret it as a little creepy. 

    An age difference isn't that big a deal in our adult years but when you bring your childhood into it then it's a bit...strange. 

    Just a thought. 
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