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alcohol issues

So the venue that my fiance and i are having the wedding at is offering a package to us that includes champagne/sparkling cider toast, 4 different beers, 3 different wines, a no host hard alcohol bar as well as soda and other non-alcoholic drinks for $10.50 a person for 4 hours. my issue is that they want to charge us $10.50 for minors as well. we also informed them that not all the adults that will be there will be drinking alcohol so we don't want to have to pay the per person cost if not everyone will be drinking.

it is hard budget wise for us to pay the per person costs since my parents refuse to pay for any form of alcohol due to religious beliefs..

got any ideas? we asked about putting $800 towards alcohol but they told us they would charge us per drink then.

i just need some guidance please!

Re: alcohol issues

  • $10.50 per person is a decent price for beer and wine but they definitely shouldn't be asking full price for minors.  Our venue charged 50% of the full price for everyone under 21. 

    Maybe paying per drink would be a better option if your side of the family doesn't drink?  Do you think you will have a lot of drinkers?
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  • see thats what i said too. i think that the drinkers will be mostly friends of my fiance and i. i know that the people we invited from my home church wont drink and only a few family members will probably drink. the venue said that it would be $5 a drink if we put the limit on it instead of the per person cost which is pretty silly to me.

  • How many guests are you inviting?
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  • right now about 100 have rsvp'd but we are planning on 125. we are guessing that only 60 will probably be drinking alcohol.
  • If you think that over half your guests WON'T be drinking liquor I would do the per drink. We aren't even doing the champange toast. I figure they can toast what they already have in thier cup. Or if it's not to late change locations

  • That's already a good price for bar, but with that few guests drinking, ask how much the bar would be if you eliminated the champagne/sparkling cider toast and reduced the beer selections to 2-3.  All you really need is white, red and maybe blush wine, a lite beer, lager type beer and possibly a darker beer.

    Also go to's drink calculator, estimate how much you think each of your drinkers would have and see how much alcohol it says you need x $5/drink.  If it's under $800, go for the consumption bar.
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