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Our wedding is in July in Texas and it is going to be hot. I was thinking about doing a squirt gun exit from our reception. Haven't seen it done but it seemed like a fun idea! Any thoughts or anyone who has done this/seen this done?

Re: Exit Ideas

  • I don't think it is a very good idea.

    I would absolutely hate to be squired directly in the eye by a water gun.  I would probably want to punch whoever hit me in the face.

  • It doesn't sound like much fun to me, as a bride or as a guest.

  • As a guest I would stay far away from that action.  I wouldn't want my makeup, clothes, or hair getting effed up.
  • I've gotta agree with the comments...sounds like a bad idea. Especially if you have kids coming to your wedding...imagine children commandeering all the water guns and hosing you and your guests down. Disaster.
  • That's a very interesting idea but I have to agree with the others, I'd be afraid for my hair and makeup and guests getting wet that don't want to. What about bubbles?
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  • klboasklboas member
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    I actually think it sounds like a fun idea.  I think a lot of people are thinking that you mean for leaving the church, but it sounds like you're talking about after your wedding ends - so no worries on water ruining anything for picture.  I'd go with the cheap ones so it won't be too much pressure or too much water though.  The guests that aren't interested would probably just watch from a safe distance.

  • Helsy85Helsy85 member
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    Perhaps you could have your bridal party and friends squirt the water guns up in the air, sort of creating a water arch for you to run through, does that make sense? as opposed to being directly squirted with the water! Then other guests can choose to run through as well if they are up for a bit of fun!
  • LizzyRBLizzyRB member
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    I really liked this idea until others mentioned guests, I didn't think of that. If I was a guest at a wedding and my nice dress got wet I wouldn't be very happy.
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