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How to: Giving away friend photos at reception

Hi everyone,

A friend told me about a wedding she attended where the couple made copies of their personal photos of friends, various occassions,etc. and laid them around the tables at the reception, inviting guests to take copies as they wished. She said it was fun because you got to take home a photo of yourself with the bride and/or groom, or with other friends, and remember the time you shared with them.

I wasn't sure how the couple delivered on this idea in detail and was wondering if someone out there had done this, or seen it done, and could elaborate.

At this point, I'm considering ordering copies of prints in the number of people in the picture/who are attending, and clipping them together with small signs on each table encouraging folks to take them home.  Any further ideas that might be more clever?

Thank you.

Re: How to: Giving away friend photos at reception

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    I see this as a lot of work, and how are you going to know if someone might want to take another picture even if they are not in it?  (say, friend B wants to take a picture of friend A with the bride and groom because friend B knows them all).  I think people would end up searching through pictures and paying more attention to them than enjoying chatting, spending time on the dance floor, etc.
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    I love this idea! We are actually making custom frames for our favors and were palnning on taking pictures with each table at the reception then mailing a copy with the thank yous for them to put in their frames but I like the idea of old pictures (obviously some of my extended family that I have not seen in awhile would only have pictures of me and them and vice versa for my FI) but I love the personal touch.  The only problem I forsee (well at least now that I want to incorporate this idea) is that some people I know for sure I have NO pictures with (for example some coworkers) so I will just have to find an excuse to take one within the next 9 months.

    But to help with how to do it- we would put ours in the frames then set it on the place card table so people would take the  picture/frame (we would probably have the name card laying on the frame but removable still since some photos might be group shots) then they would take that to the table to designate their seat.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:5Discussion:33439ae5-18b3-4d07-9577-d63eb7fd34aaPost:8b822171-42a4-40ac-8a50-c4444aaa9522">Re: How to: Giving away friend photos at reception</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: How to: Giving away friend photos at reception : OK then. I would recommend you don't attempt this at your wedding. Moving on....
    Posted by lynnmfrank[/QUOTE]

    Doesn't sound like she will be. I do agree that it sounds like a lot of work and something extra to worry about. I couldn't begin to imagine having to dig up that many photos and make sure everyone invited to the wedding was in one.

    I like PPs suggestion of placing photos in frames at the place card table, or you could just have them as the favor or part of the favor.
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