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How much confetti do I need??

I want to get biodegradable confetti (it dissolves when wet) for our guests to throw as we leave the reception, but I have no idea how much to get!  It comes in 1/2 lb bags.  We will have around 150 guests.  At first I was thinking maybe one ounce of confetti per person but that seems like a lot!  Help...
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Re: How much confetti do I need??

  • PeavyPeavy member
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    The only way to really know is to buy a sample bag and see how far it goes.
  • Is it ok with your venue?  An ounce will be a LOT of confetti per person.
  • Ditto on double checking with your venue. Many venues have stipulations on what can and can't be used or thrown. Ours wouldn't allow real flowers to be thrown and didn't allow things like sparklers, just as an example.

    Also, realize that even biodegradable confetti will still be a mess and get all over people. I personally might re-think the idea. If you do decide to do it and your venue's OK with it. I think you could do less than an ounce per person.

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