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The garter and bouqet toss!

Any creative ideas out there for what the catcher of the garter and the bouqet can do together?!
I went to a wedding where the man had to dip her and kiss her, but most ppl coming are in couples so that might not work out to well!

Re: The garter and bouqet toss!

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    Ditto milkduds, I'd draw the line at a picture.  Forcing two people who are likely to be strangers into any sort of intimate interaction, even dancing, is just all sorts of awkward and wrong.
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    Ugh, don't make them do anything together.  I had never heard of this until I came on TK.

    At my wedding, I took a pic with the girl who caught the bouquet, and my husband took a pic with the guy that caught the garter.

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    Ditto pp's... what if the person who catches the bouquet is 10 and the man who catches the garter is 50.. just dont chance it.

    I like stephie's suggestion of just taking a pic with them. Or nothing at all. We did both the garter & bouquet toss but didn't have the catchers do anything together.
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    Really?  The person who caught the bouquet had to be "dipped and kissed" by the person who caught the garter?  For me, that would be when I threw the bouquet back to the bride and said "He's all yours, because I'm not doing this."

    Don't make them perform for the crowd at all.  Bouquet catcher walks away with the bouquet.  Garter catcher walks away with the garter.  Dance floor reopens to the guests so that everyone can resume dancing.  Done and done.
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    I was at a wedding where an adult caught the bouqet and a child caught the garter, they just stood next to each other for a photo op.  
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    I'd go for the photo op.  And that's all.

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    Something else you guys forgot to mention, what if the guy who catches the garter is the bouquet catcher's niece?? Talk about an awkward kiss.
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    Yep.  Agree with PPs.  We aren't having them interact due to the awkward/creepy factor. 
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