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Breaking the Reception Ice- Mad Libs?

I've seen some posts about having guests write out mad libs to use in toasts and what not, as well as similar ideas for a wishing tree. I was wondering if anyone had used personalized mad libs to break the ice between guests, particularly when the bride and groom have a small wedding, but the invitees likely don't know anyone except the bride's family or the grooms? (example, bride's adopted grandparents with groom's grandparents and aunt/uncle? groom's brother and bride's best male college friend?) I know in this day and age, people tend to gravitate to those they know at social events, but for a small, intimate event, I wondered what others thought about using personalized mad libs as a way to break the ice during dinner.

Re: Breaking the Reception Ice- Mad Libs?

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    I was trying to think of a politically correct response to this, but I can't.

    This is a bad idea, don't do this.

    Your guests are presumably adults and know how to make conversation and small talk with other guests.
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    Didn't plan on it, just noticed a bunch of posts about wishing trees and people using mad libs for reception toasts or comments, and wondered if it had been used in this method as well. Just pure curiosity here!
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    Grown adults know how to socialize - at least I would hope so, especially if it is a small reception.  If you are worried about them gravitating towards those that they know, games aren't going to stop it, in fact, they are going to annoy most people.

    At our cocktail reception of a little more than 30 people, very few knew anyone except the person they came with.  By the end of the night, people were exchanging email addresses, phone numbers, etc.  Give your guests a little more credit or be the social butterfly introducing people to eachother.  You are the hostess after all.
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    Adults should (presumably) know how to socialize with people they don't know.  Mad libs (and ice breakers in general) are a cheesefest best left to office enrichment days.
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    Mad Libs are for 10 year olds, not weddings.
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    This is like the cheesy games played at showers, which make me cringe- the only thing worse would be having them at a wedding. And I'll be perfectly honest- if you're serving alcohol at your event, then guests will end up socializing. it's just a "side effect" :)
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    I think your heart is in the right place, but generally people know how to socialize.   If they are shy games are not going to all the sudden change that.    The wedding and knowing you will be their ice breaker.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    Whenever I'm at a table with people I don't know, my go-to is always,"So how do you know the bride and groom?" If they mention they're from out of town, I ask them about their trip, if they've done any sight-seeing, or whatever.

    People can figure it out without games. Personally, I think games like mad libs make things much more awkward, as they force shy people to be social when they'd much rather sit there and enjoy their drink. It's an introvert's worst nightmare.
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    I agree that I think games like Mad Libs will just make it WORSE and more awkward if there are any shy guests. I would consider myself on the shier side when I don't know people and I absolutely loathe cheesy games like that, especially used to be an icebreaker. That would make me feel more uncomfortable. Even being a little shy, when I'm sat at a table with other guests, I still find small talk to make.

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    Don't play "icebreaker" games at the reception-many just seem too juvenile for that, including Mad Libs.  Just let your guests go with the flow.
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    Honestly this sounds awesome to me!  I think your age really depends on it.  A lot of older people go to a wedding to just go to a wedding...I think weddings should be awesome and fun! So don't listen to all these crankies on here! There's nothing wrong with doing some childish activities at your wedding.
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