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I'm sorry if this is in the wrong posting place!
About how long does the exit take if we have 80 guests? I want to use sparkler and was just curious! Thanks!

Re: exit

  • We did sparklers with about 100 people.  I think it took about 10 to get everyone outside and lined up and get everyone's sparkler lit.  (If you don't have a lot of smokers, have 5-6 lighters on hand to be shared with the sparkers.)  

    Then it took less than 5 minutes for us to run through and jump in the car.
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    We did a private last dance while the guests were setting up.  The DJ cleared the room and played our song while he lined everyone up and got everyone their rose petals.  We danced through the song (couple of minutes) then ran out.  Total time from clearing the room to finishing the exit was probably 10 minutes tops.  Getting all the guests out of the room is what takes the longest.
  • we left after our guests left.


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