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Centerpieces Question

So for my centerpieces I'm doing these luminaries, which are these really cool high quality paper cylinders where you put a ld light in the middle to create a really cool glowing affect. I'm going to put love quotes on one side of each luminary and my fiance and my name, an image of a heart with the words "I love you" in it in a bunch of different languages, and our wedding date. The only problem is the image of the heart I like the best has a few of the I love you words in red but most in black. The only problem is that my wedding colors are purple and brown. Apparently they can't change the words that are in red to any other color because of the print program being used. There is another heart in just black, but I really like the other one so much better. Do you guys think it would be okay to include this heart with a little bit of red in it on my centerpiece when everything else is going to be purple or brown, or should I just settle for the other heart even though I don't like it as much as it doesn't conflict with my colors?

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