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Cake and punch reception etiquette

We have planned a mid afternoon wedding to begin at 3:00 pm, so we can move on to our honeymoon that evening, without being completely exhausted! 

Our plan will allow us to put more money into our honeymoon budget and hopefully leave a small amount in savings to start our new life together.

We plan on serving: wedding cake, mixed nuts, mints, punch and coffee. Is this acceptable?

Should we add trays of crudite and dip or some assorted cheese and crackers? A family member said finger sandwiches would be a nice touch, but we really want to keep it simple....and we are being quite careful about what we can really afford since we are paying for EVERYTHING ourselves.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or help are most welcome!

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Re: Cake and punch reception etiquette

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    I agree with ILoveMilkDuds that something extra would be nice.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:5Discussion:401f5a2e-7041-4d8e-bb3f-d0aa41cede54Post:d6372c76-8ca4-4c9b-aa84-1287559c572e">Re: Cake and punch reception etiquette</a>:
    [QUOTE]Your plan is acceptable since you're ceremony/reception are at a non-meal time Posted by ILoveMilkDuds[/QUOTE]

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    Please do try to provide some protein, even just cheese and crackers.  Also, make sure you have water as well!  The cake and punch portion of SBIL's reception only had two types of sicky-sweet punch and the cake, so by the end of it I was light-headed and slightly nauseous from having nothing but sugar, and when we got to SMIL's house, I nearly bowled DH over to get to the fridge for some lunch meat.
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    Ice water, veggies, and cheese and crackers would be a great addition without breaking the bank.  Sounds nice!
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    Sounds like you have it worked out just fine!

    When I was growing up, all the weddings we ever went to were cake and punch type receptions.  Very simple and nice. 

    Having ice water is a good idea.  We are having a 2pm ceremony and at our reception we will be serving coffee, tea, sodas, lemonade, ice water, finger foods, cheese/crackers, fruit trays, mints, nuts, and of course cake!
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    I would add water and some cheese and crackers like pp's have said before.  Not that you have to cater to absolutely every single individual, but what if someone doesn't like nuts or is allergic?  That leaves them with mints......A simple cheese tray would be great!

    Otherwise, what you're planning is very appropriate!
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